me: spends time alone because family refuses to acknowledge that my mental illness's require them to be sensitive around me and its safer for me to be alone

family: why dont you spend more time with us!!!!!! do you hate us!!! you are horrible!!

me: spends time with family

family: deliberately triggers me, tells me to grow up, tells me to just 'get over it', screams at me about how my mental illness's affect them more than me

me: goes back to spending time alone

family: why dont you spend more time with us!!!!!!


"The audience saw the bond that these brothers have, and that they were willing to go above and beyond to save one another."
- Jensen Ackles

i think what really gets me!!! about this quote!!! is how jensen uses the phrase ‘above and beyond’!!! like, no-one watching the show can deny the intensity of the relationship between sam and dean, but an admission like this from a man who theoretically should know dean best of all. because it’s an admission of how the brothers relationship does surpass and transcend the norm, the socially acceptable, into something unexplainable, almost metaphysical with the near religious fervour of the brother’s codependency and damn near uncomfortable too… but there’s a purity there too ‘above’, ‘beyond’ like i don’t know if jensen consciously chose this language but there’s more than a hint of the biblical there like sam and dean’s feelings for each other literally defy earthly laws and definitions and i’m just soooo oo ooooo oooooooooo kill me (via hermanoss)

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